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Homegrown automobile manufacturer Tata Motors is more than ready for an EV future. Taking the early-comer advantages to their full glory, Tata bagged over 80% of the Indian EV market with just a few products. The automaker has promised four new electric vehicles in various segments and showing no signs of slowing down. Read the full article for more on the upcoming Electric Vehicle future of Tata Motors India.

  1. Tata Sierra EV
  2. Tata Harrier EV
  3. Tata Curvv EV
  4. Tata Punch EV

1. Tata Sierra EV

Tata Sierra EV frontend .

Tata Sierra- Once a household name, more than that a dream for many, a legend of the past, and a lot more. Hopefully, it will pass all the good things to the new generation in this new avatar for many more years. The automaker has received overwhelming responses while showcasing the latest concept model of the Sierra at the Auto Expo 2023. Tata Sierra has reclaimed those glass panels on both sides of the roof, which is like staying true to the roots.

The new SIGMA Hybrid platform will allow Sierra to accommodate either an internal combustion engine (ICE) or an electric motor (EV). Unlike the original Sierra, the concept is of having 4 doors instead of just 2 doors. Tata has confirmed the new Sierra will be largely identical to the concept model. Despite all this, we think the new Sierra carries out its DNA quite well. The EV model is said to be having all-wheel drive as an option and will come in a 5-seater configuration as standard. In addition to that, the company announced that the vehicle will be launched by 2025 with a claimed range of more than 500 KMs from a single charge.

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2. Tata Harrier EV and Safari EV

Tata Harrier ev.

The Tata Harrier and the Safari are already widely accepted SUVs across the country. Recently Tata Motors showcased its Harrier EV at the 2023 Auto-Expo. The existing Harrier is to be facelifted first and for the EV the front grilles will be neatly closed out with body-colored panels. The upcoming Harrier facelift will also house a new split LED headlamp setup on the front and the rear is seen with a new connected tail lamp setup.

Harrier is one of the best parts of Tata acquiring the Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR), benefiting Tata with the Land Rover-derived OMEGA-ARC platform. Even though, this platform will have to undergo major re-engineering for repurposing it as an Electric Vehicle. Both the SUV siblings will have a single and a dual motor setup which indicates all-wheel drive capabilities. Moreover, Tata Motors again made a bold claim of 400-500 KMs of real-world range and will make it available to the public by 2024.

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3. Tata Curvv EV

Tata curvv ev 2023.

The sloping coupe-styled SUV is a looker from Tata motors and primarily will be an Electric vehicle. However, Tata showcased its turbo petrol counterpart at the Auto-Expo 2023 which gave us a closer look. At the stalls, Tata Curvv was a huge design flex for all the upcoming new-age Tata vehicles. A futuristic LED light bar runs across the front and slightly over to the bonnet has stunned even us.

The underpinnings of both the electric vehicle and internal combustion engine versions will be on Tata’s Gen 2 architecture. The SUV will directly compete with the MG ZSEV and the Hyundai Kona with an encouraging 400 KMs of real-world range.

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4. Tata Punch EV

Tata Punch EV.

The micro SUV is warmly welcomed, You may have seen plenty of it on the roads by now. Tata Punch is advertised as not just a tall boy hatchback but as an SUV and it has worked well for Tata. Rather surprisingly the ground clearance of 187mm made it a decent mild offroad capable SUV. However, the floor of the Tata punch EV will be utilized to accommodate the battery pack resulting in lesser ground clearance. This is possible because the ALFA architecture of the Tata punch and the Altroz (ICE) is made with electrification in mind from the beginning. The re-engineered EV platform is called by the name SIGMA (Seems like Tata is well-updated with the trends).

Interestingly Tata might have more than one battery pack option for the EV, just like we saw in the Tiago EV and the Nexon EV. In addition to it, the electric motor spinning the front wheels will be one of the permanent magnet synchronous Ziptron motors. However, details about the battery are unknown yet still it is expected to provide up to 300 KMs of range. The Tata Punch EV will have blue accents and badges like the EV predecessors from Tata and it’s likely to have minor design updates. The micro SUV will be on the roads by June 2023 and will be approximately Rs 1.5 to 2 Lakhs premium than the current ICE-powered Punch.

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