Kia may Discontinue Seltos, Sonet, and Carens Diesel Manuals and replace them with IMT

Kia discontinues diesel manuals.IMT diesel replaces Sonet, Seltos and carens.
  • Kia might discontinue Diesel manual options.
  • Kia will replace it with IMT.

Kia Motors launched its first product only in 2019, ever since the brand brought back-to-back successes in such a short time. Their deep understanding and homework of the Indian market favoured them very well despite the competition from other large manufacturers. Kia might have one of the most variants listed with one of the most powertrain options in the whole Indian automobile market. Though as a result of less demand for the diesel manual option, the automaker might just discontinue it. Hereafter all diesel-engine cars might be available only with IMT and automatic transmission options.

Besides as of now Kia motors India only provides Seltos with an IMT transmission option for diesel engines. However, the manufacturer is now considering Kia Sonet and Kia Carens with IMT instead of the manual gearbox with diesel. In light of the present situation, automakers are falling short to meet the stringent BS6 emission norms with their diesel motors. Whereas Kia is one of the few consumer vehicle manufacturers producing diesel motors at present, that too with three different transmission varieties.

Kia Diesel Manual OUT, IMT IN

Kia Hundai IMT Transmission. Clutchless manual.

What is an IMT? Should Manual enthusiasts worry?

IMT stands for Intelligent Manual Transmission, which is a smart clutchless manual solution from the Korean automaker. While this clutchless manual transmission was brought to life in a joint venture from the siblings- the Kia and the Hyundai. Compared to the AMT or other automatic transmissions the IMT is significantly cheaper and affordable to maintain.

Meanwhile, IMT is not a complex technology it is rather a simpler solution consisting of an E-clutch and some actuators assisting with the gear shifts. IMT might be a blessing in bumper-to-bumper traffic relieving drivers from constant manhandling of the clutch pedal but still giving you full control over the gear shifts. In our opinion, this diesel IMT could be a perfect balance between engaging and economical long commutes.

A detailed video on IMT Transmission-

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