New Tata Safari Rusting Issue, POLICE Handled The Customer

Tata safari rusting issues. Dealer called police at Faridabad Autovikas tata dealership.
  • The dealer acted helpless in replacement and blamed Hard Water in Faridabad.

In a heated event between Tata Safari owner and Autovikas Tata dealer in Faridabad the police had to interfere and yet the issue remains unsolved. In May 2022, Rocky Vasisth brought his Tata Safari home with impressions of the Tata Built quality. But it turns out his new Rs 21 Lakh SUV not only failed to meet his aspiration but did not even meet minimum standards. Just after a few months of ownership, Rocky found out that multiple rusts that have spread across the vehicle.

Customer’s Plight

Mr Rocky Vasisth said he had complained about the issue one and a half months earlier and the dealer has done an inspection of the vehicle. Regarding the rust issue, they have not taken any action till now and he called back the showroom multiple times. In response, the dealer said to him that till now no approval on the matter has been received from the manufacturer.

Faridabad News Facebook Video-

In a video posted by Faridabad News the whole situation was reported live on Facebook. The owner demanded a brand new Tata Safari as a replacement because it is a manufacturing defect and shouldn’t happen in the first place. Rocky said he never expected such an issue with his new car and if the Faridabad water is the issue then it should have been told to him earlier. The owner also added, then he would not have bought the vehicle from the brand.

Dealer’s response and the arrival of the Police

The dealer responded to the situation as they have already taken the matter to Tata Motors and they can only help as the brand instructs. Mr Shiv Kumar from Autovikas adamantly stated that there are no such policies to replace the vehicle. The dealer is ready to repaint rusty parts for free but it is not enough for the customer. The dealer added, the cause of rusting is due to washing the vehicle with Hard water with an unfavourable amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solubles).

The showroom themselves called the police suspecting a fight over the issue. Even though, Reporter Darrmendra Pratab claims he was present at the situation before the Police and there were no tensions caused by the customer or his associates. In the video, we can see ASI Robin SIngh insisting the reporter hear both sides. ASI agreed that he came to restore peace in case of a heated situation which he was requested by the dealer. At last, the owner said that he will take the complaint to the consumer court if he does not receive a new replacement.

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