Tata Tiago EV vs Citroen e3. Comparison article

Citroen Ë-C3 was launched last year, and just a few months later the french automaker came with an electrified version. Many have been waiting for a compact electric vehicle that will take care of their city hustles much more affordably than their gas-powered counterparts. Firstly, the Citroen Ë-C3 is called a hatchback by the manufacturer which is genuinely surprising, when every other automaker is trying to call everything an SUV these days (even the Ignis became an SUV).

Tata Tiago EV will come head-to-head with the new Citroen Ë-C3 when it comes to the price of both EVs. However, both EVs have different approaches to body styles. The Citroen C3 was a budget offering from the brand even though the styling was on point with recent times.

Now the same Citroen C3 is battery-powered with no major exterior or interior design changes. The New Citroen Ë-C3 has new Ë-C3 badges and one extra opening lid. The fuel-filling lid is kept just like on the ICE-powered counterpart but as an unnecessary dummy. Talking about the competition, the Citreon Ë-C3 has just one electric vehicle competitor- Tata Tiago EV. Citroen Ë-C3 is larger in every dimension compared to Tata Tiago EV, in fact, Citroen has the longest wheelbase in the segment.

Battery, Motor and Charging

Citroen ec3 battery and motor.
Citroen eC3 motor
Tata Tiago EV motor and battery.
Tata Tiago EV motor and battery

The battery of the Citreon Ë-C3 is placed neatly under the floor while Tata Taigo’s battery pack eats into boot space, resulting in no spare wheel in the boot. Citroen Ë-C3 has a 29.2kWh larger battery pack compared to Tata Tiago EV benefitted from the larger wheelbase. Even with 29NM of more torque, the Citroen Ë-C3 still falls behind in a 0-60 KM run due to its heavier profile. Are you curious about the full details? well don’t you worry here is a detailed table for you.

ModelCitreon E-C3Tata Tiago Medium Range EVTata Tiago Long Range EV
Power57 PS61 PS75 PS
Torque143 NM110 NM114 NM
Battery Capacity29.2 kWh 19.2 kWh24 kWh
Claimed Range 320 KM250 KM 315 KM
Claimed 0-60 Kph6.8 sec6.2 sec5.7 sec
15W Wall Charger 10 hr and 30 min6 hr and 54 min8 hr and 40 min
DC Fast Charging57 min57 min57 min
Top Speed107 KPH120 KPH120 KPH
Citroen E-c3 vs Tata Tiago comparison table

Citroen Ë-C3 claims their new battery tech allows it to be charged solely with a fast charger, with no damage to the battery life. They are very confident with the latest battery tech which is not even a water-cooled package. Just like the range, charging time is also very important in an Electric Vehicle. A DC fast charger will charge all three from 10-80% in just 57 minutes even though there are differences in the battery sizes. Unfortunately, The Citroen Ë-C3 will take 2 hours more with the home wall-mounted AC chargers.


Despite the Citroen having a larger tenfotaintment (10-inch infotainment) the Citroen lacks many creature comforts from the beginning. With the new eC3 many of these are not addressed, like the manual adjustment of ORVMS, the tiny digital instrument cluster, the omission of automatic climate control, etc.

Meanwhile, Tata Tiago EV provides much more premium interiors and features. Citroen eC3 has an imposing SUV styling and much more cabin space in general compared to Tata Tiago EV. tiago more showroom…. However, this is not a comparison drive so from the specification alone we feel that the Tata Tiago has a more well-rounded package. The Ex-showroom prices of Citroen Ë-C3 are Rs 11.50- 12.43 lakhs and Rs 8.69 – 11.99 lakhs for the Tata Tiago EV.

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